"Getting just the information you need from the internet, easy Squeezy"

Project Overview

The internet is full of redundant and sometimes misleading information. People spend a lot of time filtering, processing, and refining their search results. It wastes time, money, and mental bandwidth.

Enter Squeezy, a browser extension, with it's customizable filtering system allowing people to reduce repeated articles, overly biased articles, and preference fact based articles over opinionated ones.

Squeezy scans search results and recommends articles to view based off of multiple key factors. It also condenses long articles into a TLDR for quick reading that gets people past just reading a headline.
  • Spec Work
  • Product Designer
  • Figma, Photoshop, Webflow
  • 4 Weeks

Squeezy search results screen offering a summary of all the searched articles in one place as well as ways to immediately jump to articles with key factors such as most concise.

Squeezy's article screen offering a TLDR and hyperlinks to sources that are cited in any article visited with the Squeezy extension.

Search Results Highlighting

The links to popular articles and your favorite sites are highlighted in the results page when you hover over them for a closer look before opening.

Squeezy's Screens

(Hover over text below to preview screens on right)

Your search results condensed into the repeated topics and comments expressed in the articles. You can adjust which filter set you are using based on what you are searching for.

Whether you’re looking for news, quick facts or product reviews - you can adjust and save presets to help you find the links you’re looking for.

Add websites to be looked at individually and suggested on your main page. Block websites from being suggested or even considered in the main screen.

Personalize the extension to suit your style and needs.

(Hover over text on left to preview screens)

Chat Bot

If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, the ChatBot can help you quickly refine your search and get new results.

Squeezy dark mode theme.

Some possible color options for Squeezy. Available to set up in Squeezy's color customize settings.

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